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Short-term Coverage

Provide essential short-term coverage when it’s needed most.

Short-term disability coverage can be used for a range of reasons, from a woman needing maternity leave, to an employee recovering from surgery or an accident.

Factors you should consider in deciding to offer this benefit include deciding who will pay for it- you, or shift the cost to your employees? You can make the benefit voluntary by allowing your employees to “opt-in.” Other considerations that dictate your costs include creating an elimination period where employees are required to wait to use this policy until sick-leave or vacation days have been used first; How long the coverage will last, and what percentage of wages will be covered.

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    Long-term Coverage

    When short-term coverage runs out, long-term insurance will provide much-needed assistance to your employees and their families.

    Provide your employees long-term coverage when other options have run out. This benefit won’t entirely replace your employee’s income, but it will help significantly to pay rent, groceries, and more when employees find themselves unable to work or only work part-time due to a crippling, permanent disability.

    Including this benefit sends a message to your employees that you care greatly for them, which in turn can help foster a company culture that is more positive and productive. If you choose to include this coverage in your benefits package, we’ll help you find the right option that matches how long you want the waiting period to be, what percentage of wages will be covered, and how long these benefits will last.


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